Sharin' the Love

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stella's 3 months!

Well Stella is 3 months exactly today! Time seriously does fly by when you're having fun. She's growing so big. We have done tummy time a few times a week and her little neck muscles are getting stronger. Hopefully she'll roll over soon. I took some fun pictures of her today. She has a little afro because she took a bath. You'll notice her wearing a bow in one of the pictures, I want to note that I made that bow. Yeah crazy! My sister-in-law Jessica showed me the quick and easy way and I have learned to refine it. :0)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mini ASU Cheerleader!

Ok so as some people know, I am a huge fan of ASU. I went there and graduated last May. Now Curtis just started attending this semester yay! For Christmas I couldn't resist buying Stella a cute ASU cheerleader outfit that I saw on clearance at Target. I dolled her up in it and made a cute matching bow for her to wear to a family event that is held by Curtis's extended family. Every beginning of the year, Grandma Jean reserves a place called BounceU for the whole family. It is full of fun inflated obstacle courses and other structures. Anyway we showed up and everyone loved little Stella in her outfit! Everyone kept saying how mellow and good she was when several people carried her. (*Note*: At family events/or just visiting family, Stella becomes a little hot potato that is passed around haha). I told them that she loves attention and that once we get home to the quiet she starts getting fussy because she's no longer getting all the attention that she wants lol. I think at this rate she's going to be a little social butterfly.