Sharin' the Love

Sunday, March 22, 2009

BBQ at the Park

My brother-in-law Derek and sister Trish wanted to do a BBQ. I just mentioned it once and poof they were on it! They are freakin awesome!! Anyway we did it at the park by my parents house. It was nice because there usually aren't that many people there during the day and there's a huge field where you can run around and do kite flying and go down a hill. My dad has this cool thing where you can ride it down the hill. You control it with the wheel. I was having a blast! Curtis and Derek on the other hand, boys will be boys, decided to go on it backward. Derek jerked the wheel and found a pot hole and flipped over. It looked pretty bad, but he got up and did again. Crazy boys! I had fun playing on the playground with my nephew while Stella was playing with Grandma and Grandpa.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break Swimming!!

Grandma Jean is a club member at Val Vista Lakes clubhouse and they have all sorts of fun things you can do. Nancy invited me and Jassmine to go swimming in the heated pool! It was Stella's first experience swimming. She liked it. At first it caught her, and me, off guard because it was a little cooler than I thought. But it warmed up pretty fast. What's nice about having nana's, aunts, uncles, etc. Is that Stella was babysat while I got to swim a few races against Ben and Clark. Oh my goodness, those boys are like fish! I can barely swim a decent freestyle and they can do all sorts of swim styles (i.e. Breast stroke, Butterfly, etc.) I couldn't believe it! After the heated pool we went to the sandy beach. It was really cute. Stelly and I didn't go in. We dried off and sat in the shade and watched everyone else. It was a fun time!
Later that night we had a pizza party in the park where Uncle Dennis and Aunt Shell live. It was a mini reunion haha. We played frisbee, we played on the swing set. And all the while Stella enjoyed being held by lots of people.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Picacho Peak Hiking

Its the start of Spring Break and Stella and I started it off by going on a hike with Nana and Grandpa as well as her aunts and uncles. I invited my sister Jassmine to come along and that was super fun for her. She got along so well with Ben, Clark and Olivia. Stella didn't seem to mind the outdoors either. I had her in my backpack pouch thing and she was enjoying the scenery. After hiking we prepared dinner and dutch oven cobbler mmmm. So delicous! Everything tasted great! Curtis couldn't join us earlier for the hike since he had to work, but he came later for dinner and dessert. We stayed at the little ramada till 10pm. So it was worth it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Arizona Science Center

We had promised Curtis's youngest sister Olivia a gift of going to a museum. This past Saturday (Feb. 28th) was the chance we had to fulfill that gift. We also invited Ben and Clark to come along because they always make things so much more fun and interesting. Clark seriously says the funniest things for a 9 year old haha. Stella was such a good girl the whole time. She wasn't fussy at all which was way nice. I was a little worried because of the fact that she has been sick with a cold, but I thought a nice time out of the house would help her. I've only been to the center once in my life and that was for my senior prom, that's where they had it. I couldn't remember all the fun stuff they had to do. I had so much fun! I think we'll take Stella when she's older so she can enjoy it more. Anyway I took loads of pictures to capture the memories. There was this one room that had a distorting camera/computer program and we spent a lot of time distorting all of our faces. I couldn't stop laughing. The people around us were laughing too at all the funny distortions.
All in all it was a fun day and Curtis definately needed it since he always works on Saturdays (bummer). Hopefully he'll be able to get a job soon that doesn't require him to work on Saturdays anymore, or at least not every Saturday.