Sharin' the Love

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stella is 7 months!

So my brother-in-law Clark had an end of the school year pool party and it was seriously the perfect weather to just sit outside. A nice breeze was in the air and a beautiful overcast! After the party Curtis, Stella and I went for a walk around the temple it was seriously perfect! I had to take advantage of the nice weather so we stopped and took some fun pictures of Stella! She is absolutely adorable, but then again I might be bias since I'm her mom. haha

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trickery with Veggies

So I ran out of baby veggie food and I've been feeding Stella applesauce and other fruit stuff. I got her used to the sweet taste of fruits that when I finally got more vegetables she didn't like them anymore. But little did she know that her mom is a psych major and used positive reinforcement to trick her into eating and finishing her green beans. Here is a video of the sound that I was making and what I was doing. Hahahahah victory!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sour Applesauce

I tried making applesauce out of apples for Stella, but it was way too time consuming. So I went to Costco and bought the unsweetened applesauce in bulk. Little did I know that Curtis likes it haha. Anyway after going through the first two bottles between the three of us we started on the 3rd container. I poured some for her in a bowl like usual and started to feed her. She was making the funniest sour faces. So I captured them on film. I like how on the 2nd or 3rd spoonful she makes a face before I even give it to her. Curtis liked how her eye twitched. Funny times! :0)