Sharin' the Love

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Every generation has someone who stands above the rest at a particular activity.

Michael Jordan was amazing at basketball.

Lance Armstrong could ride a bike really well.

Babe Ruth will always be a baseball legend.

Frank Sinatra was a great singer.

Napoleon was a great general and strategist.

Ashley Robinson has incredible skills as well. I would say that she is the best in the world at these skills.

I have included pictures below to give you the opportunity to take in the sheer majesty of her accomplishments. Allow me to explain them. Ashley is skilled at stacking dishes in the dish rack. Notice the grandeur of the height she has achieved. The perfection of the placement. The effectiveness of the drainability.

This would indeed be a great accomplishment if she did this once. But she does it time and again, with equal grace.

If you would like to learn these amazing skills, she is holding a class on the subject**. It is only $299.99 per session. Contact Curtis Robinson if you are interested.

**Results may vary. All fees, taxes, and service charges are non-refundable. Services are subject to our terms and conditions which you can't read anywhere because I make them up as I go.