Sharin' the Love

Monday, March 28, 2011


I am happy to report that Lincoln finally took a bottle (formula) on Friday afternoon yay!! I got carried away and decided to just cut off nursing completely, rather than a gradual transition. I couldn't help but eat delicious ice-cream and AWESOME sugar cookies made by my sister-in-law Esther. Mmmm the joy of being able to eat yummy food.

On another note, Curtis and I decided to get a family gym membership at the Y and boy oh boy do I love it!! They have child watch and I have a complete hr to myself to work out :) Every time we have to leave though it's a nightmare because Stella LOVES playing on the playground and socializing with the other kids.

Today was yet another horror to leave and my body was not up for the battle due to participation in my first gym class. It was Total Body Conditioning (TBC) and oh my goodness am I going to feel it tomorrow hahah. The instructor was so cute and she was so good. We used free weights, the exercise ball, the bar and the step. I'm glad I went, although I was intimidated to go in the first place. It was my FIRST EVER gym class, even though I have had other gym memberships in the past. Crazy I know ha!

Anyway when I finally got Stella to exit the building, she decided to test my body some more by running down the little hill they have in front of the building. I set Lincoln down in his carseat (which was a nice rest to my sore biceps and triceps) and chased after her. My legs felt like they were going to give every time a stepped; they felt so wobbly and I couldn't help but laugh. Stella turned back and was grinning her wide grin and laughing out loud. I finally caught up and grabbed her. She sure put up a fight and I almost dropped her because of the soreness of muscles. Luckily she kind of freaked from that and calmed down a little. Some may wonder "Why join a gym, when you have a Stella to chase after?" I would say it is to help me catch her faster lol!

Friday, March 11, 2011

What a day

So after 2.5 hrs of waiting in the lab place to get our (Lincoln and I) blood drawn, we finally got called back. Let me just say thank goodness for grandma's haha. My mom also needed her blood drawn and joined us in our long wait. Unfortunately after she got called she had to hurry and leave to get to work on time, but I don't know what I would've done without her with a wild Stella constantly running out and down the halls haha. When we finally did get called back Stella was like "Mommy pokey, ouchy" and I would just respond with a "yeah it's ok." Her response to that was shocking "My turn mommy. Pokey me." In my mind I was "Huh, you seriously want to get poked in the arm with a needle!" Lincoln was up next, another shocking moment, he sat on my lap while one Dr. held his arm down and the other poked him. He just sat there and stared at what was happening to his arm and didn't flinch or even cry. Nothing. He was such a good baby! And Stella during the process was saying "It's ok Keenkin, ouchy you." Then she let out a huge sigh, comforting her little brother. When Lincoln was finished she said "My turn, my turn, pokey pokey me." She was so upset when we left without her getting poked. I thought I was in the clear when we were walking to our car, but she was started to throw a fit because she wanted a pokey. Kids...they don't know any better lol. Anyway tonight I went out to AJ to look at a table saw with my dad. And this is what I came home to. Cutest thing ever!! I decided to post about it rather than try to move the little ones from my bed to go to sleep heh.
I love how Lincoln is snuggling up on Curtis :)