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Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break Swimming!!

Grandma Jean is a club member at Val Vista Lakes clubhouse and they have all sorts of fun things you can do. Nancy invited me and Jassmine to go swimming in the heated pool! It was Stella's first experience swimming. She liked it. At first it caught her, and me, off guard because it was a little cooler than I thought. But it warmed up pretty fast. What's nice about having nana's, aunts, uncles, etc. Is that Stella was babysat while I got to swim a few races against Ben and Clark. Oh my goodness, those boys are like fish! I can barely swim a decent freestyle and they can do all sorts of swim styles (i.e. Breast stroke, Butterfly, etc.) I couldn't believe it! After the heated pool we went to the sandy beach. It was really cute. Stelly and I didn't go in. We dried off and sat in the shade and watched everyone else. It was a fun time!
Later that night we had a pizza party in the park where Uncle Dennis and Aunt Shell live. It was a mini reunion haha. We played frisbee, we played on the swing set. And all the while Stella enjoyed being held by lots of people.

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