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Friday, April 3, 2009

Banana Mishap...

Ok so Curtis had the bright idea of letting Stella feed herself some mashed banana. I thought he was planning to put it in a plate or bowl of some kind. But no..... he ends up smashing it right there on her highchair tray!! I come back from my shower to find that she is absolutely covered from head to torso in banana and the highchair seat was covered too!!! I was soo mad, but at the same time looking at her sucking off the banana from her tray was hilarious. She'll get a kick out of it when she's older and sees herself.

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  1. Ha ha! You know what? That was the kind of thing I did because I think it's good for babies to play with their food & experience it & junk. But Jason abhored any little mess! He sat with a spoon in one hand & a napkin in the other & as soon as there was a li'l dibble, he had it wiped up. If I showed him pics of the girls covered in sauce or whatnot, he'd practically get sick!