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Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Reunion

Every year Grandma Jean has a family reunion up in Flagstaff at her cabin. It is seriously so much fun to get away from everything (especially the hot weather). We enjoy crafts, yummy food, lots of fun games and activities and just the great outdoors. I must say for Stella's first time she loved it! Of course when she gets a bit older and walks and stuff, she'll be able to enjoy it more. She liked crawling around and getting dirty and playing with 2nd and 3rd cousins.
Grandma Jean had a new basketball court put in for the enjoyment of everyone. Way cool! She also had new concrete countertops put in for the outside eating area and new cabinets within the cabin. It all looks amazing!
The last day that we were there we went to the Ice Caves. Curtis said he knew where to go, but we ended up getting lost and spent hours just driving trying to find it. Not fun haha. What should of taken about a couple hours for the whole trip, took like 5! Yeah I wasn't too happy, especially since we left Stella back at the cabin with Nana and Grandma Jean. I felt bad that they had to watch her the whole time. Oh well. For next time we'll plan a little bit better lol.
Stella just posing for a picture.
Going for a nature walk. Stella loves being carried around in this thing. Best $2 investment haha.
I just love the smell of throw up in the morning.
Trying on Grandpa's hat. I must say she looks pretty cute in it. :0)
Stella with Grandma Jean, enjoying the sight of concrete getting put in for the basketball court.
Here they are dumping the concrete.
The red neck pinata! A sweet tradition to find candy in saw dust.
Stella joined in on the fun too! Yay candy!
Just arrived at the Ice Caves.
Just at the entrance to the Ice Caves.
At the end of the Ice Caves. Yay we conquered!

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