Sharin' the Love

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer fun

It's true, when it comes to updating this thing I am the BIGGEST slacker of all time. It may seem like there's nothing going on in our boring lives, but lets be serious....I have a Stella and a Lincoln to entertain my days :)

What we have been up to:

The end of May Curtis' good buddy Josh was in town with his wife Melissa and we went to the AZ Science Center. I've been there a few times, but I still love it. It was soo cute to hear Stella say "I do science," every time she would go into a different room or try a different experiment. We had a lot of fun, and Stella liked hanging out with Josh and Melissa. She even invited them over to her house by saying "You go my house? Yeah you go my house." It was pretty funny.

In the beginning of June Lincoln shared a birthday party with his Uncle Clarkie. We got to go to the family reunion. And towards the end of June we got to go to Grandma's Cabin again with Nancy, Grandma Jean, Grandma Jean's friend Aiko, Ben, Clark, Olivia and Ben's friend Kawika and his brother Kalani (not sure if I'm spelling those right lol). It was a blast!

July we got to go to the cabin yet again for another reunion and the following week my mom and the kids and I went up with Grandma Jean, Nancy, Olivia, Ben and Marie was there with her little ones. It was so much fun! My mom loved it! We pretty much went on quad and prowler rides the WHOLE TIME! haha. I told Curtis he needs to get me a quad. To end the summer we went to a ward family campout, which was pretty fun. Stella sure knows how to flirt it up. Her crush Denson was there and he was a good sport to let Stella follow him around and talk his ear off haha.

Here are a few pics to highlight the fun :

Lincoln liked the swings.

Helping load the fire logs

On the way to the cabin (big grins)

Loved the rain at the cabin!

Needing some attention

His face in this picture makes me laugh. Doesn't seem to happy to be the ball.

Stella loves to hold Clark's snake every time we're over at Nanny's.


Stella's happy countenance when she's at the cabin. She absolutely LOVES it!


  1. I love all these pictures Ashley!!! Thanks for sharing. Mike and I were just laughing at all of them. Stella looks so big in that one at the science center. cute cute

  2. Ashley! Hi! How are you? Sorry I haven't called-it seems like time has flown by since moving. I've been so busy with Mia starting school and working from home. We need to get caught up!