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Monday, December 5, 2011

Slacker, but there is a reason for it

So beginning of November my laptop just shut down and we got it fixed, but now it doesn't connect to the internet. So now we have a desktop and laptop that don't connect to the internet LAME!

We decided to get a new laptop on Black Friday and it was Curtis's first experience. He seemed pretty deteremined since he waited in line for 4 HOURS for the laptop.

Ok so what has been going on with us a quick over view:
In September we got the chance to go to Disneyland with my friend Shalyse and her family. Stella absolutely LOVED it! She really wanted to challenge Darth Vader in their Star Wars play thing. She was tall enough to ride the Matter Horn and Curtis was super excited about that. He convinced her that the abominable snow man was just a big white teddy bear, so she would go on it more than once. haha

In October Stella Mae turned 3 and she had a friend party. She had so much fun helping me and watching me get her monkey invitations made and delivered. She loved having friends over, playing, eating snacks and her monkey cake. THANKS to all her sweet friends and cousins that came :)
For Halloween Stella dressed up as Princess Leia and not to brag, but she made a super cute Princess. Lincoln dressed up as an Ewok and he was awesome! He definitely knew what candy was and was ready to get more and more at each house lol.

In November we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Jean's. The Monday before I woke up feeling sick and hoped to feel better by Thursday. Unfortunately I woke up still not well and even throwing up. I said a prayer and had my sweet mom make me a home remedy and was blessed to feel better and spend time with family. I am so grateful for the power of prayer, a loving & supportive husband, two beautiful and healthy children, the gospel, our health, an education, a home, food, Curtis's job, my job, friends, family, Christ's atonement and so many more things.

In December I had the opportunity to participate in my first ever boutique and it went ok for me. :) Some friends and I started a crafting blog where we'll sell our handmade crafts. It's called It looks pretty ghetto right now, but hopefully we'll dedicate some time in making it look awesome!

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