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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow Day!

Snow is so much fun! We had the opportunity to spend some time in the snow today with my friends Shalyse and Chase and their cute kids. Stella and Lincoln had a blast! My mom also was able to come and she enjoyed going sledding for the first time.
I really wish I had my video camera when my mom went down haha. At first I didn't think she would want to go, but then Chase announced that she was coming down and FWOOSH off she went. The sled was hard to control and I thought she was going to crash into some tree branches, but luckily she steered away. At the bottom another lady was trying to figure out how to avoid my mom's path, but instead got crashed into and fell on top of my mom! I was worried, but my mom had a huge smile and was laughing. She had fun, but she did get her hand scratched up pretty bad from the branches.

All in all it was super fun! Stella loved going down the hill with the sled and Lincoln did too, but at first he was pretty scared.

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  1. loooks like so much fun! your mom is hilarious, i would have loved to see it