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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another 24hr Urine Sample Ughhh

Well so far this pregnancy has been pretty good. All of my lab work and stuff has been coming up stable and normal. I had to do a 24hr urine sample during my first trimester to get baseline readings of everything, so the doctors would know if anything was up later. I just had to do another one for my 3rd trimester baseline readings, which came back ok, but I did have protein show up. So at my dr's appointment today, she said that considering my preeclampsia history, she wants me to do yet another 24hr urine sample just to be safe. Yuck!!! I hate having to keep track of my pee! It's lame! I'm pretty much confined to my home for 24hrs. Hopefully everything comes back normal. But on a happy note, the doctor did say that my blood pressure and everything else was looking good. So keep your fingers crossed that everything stays well :0) 3 1/2 more weeks to go yippee! Can't wait to see this little boy.

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  1. I will keep me fingers crossed for you too! Ya for the blood pressure and everything else being good.
    I hope you have him early so you can come to cabin!! Sorry about being stuck at home, but hey you can nest!!