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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Date Night and Stella the Acrobat

For Mother's day, Curtis bought me 3 books, which I'm pretty excited about. And he wanted to take me out to see a movie. So we called Ben up and had him come over to watch Stella. We headed out, bought some Coldstone because I was craving it and bought our tickets to Clash of the Titans. Now I'm a fan of the old school movie, so when I saw this one I thought it was ok; but it is totally unrelated to the old one. I was a bit sad about that. It was still good though, plenty of cool graphics and action. Anyway towards the end of the movie I get a call from Ben (on Curtis's cell). I turn to Curtis and ask if I should take it and he just nods (obviously sucked up in the movie lol). So I text him and ask if anything is wrong. He calls again, I miss it. So I decide to get up and call him in the hall, since it must be something important; because he usually never calls. He answers and says: "Um Stella doesn't want to go to bed." Me: "Oh well usually Curtis and I just rock her a little bit and put in the crib and let her cry." Ben: "Well she climbed out of her crib." Me: "What!?? Oh did you put her in the toddler bed, because she would get out of that." Ben: "No the crib crib, she climbed out." Me: "Are you sure? How did she do that?" Ben: "I don't know." Me: "Ok well the movie is almost over, so we'll be headed home in a bit." I basically miss the end of the movie except for a little chunk, but Curtis has the courtesy of telling me about it on the drive home. We get there and Stella is just happy as can be playing halo with her uncle Ben on the couch. He explained how she lifted herself up and out of the crib and somehow maneuvered herself to hang on the railing and fall backward. Crazy! I still can't get over how she did it, but I'm considering putting her in gymnastics now hahah.

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  1. That is so hard when they figure that out young. I wanted to keep mine in the crib as long as possible. They are can't climb in bed with you when they are stuck in the crib.