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Saturday, August 7, 2010

D-Backs Game!

We were invited by our friends Tiffany and Alex to a D-backs game and let me just say it was awesome! Usually I don't follow baseball very well, but the atmosphere was great! It was a sold out game I think the attendance was 48,500 something. Luis Gonzales's number 20 was retired and there was a whole ceremony and everything. It was soo cool! Best game to have on record for Lincoln's first D-backs game :) Now Curtis can say you see that number 20 up there, you were there to see that number retired. Lots of people asked how old Lincoln was and when I said 2 months they had the reaction of "Really!?" I guess he must look older hahah. He definately takes after his dad in the chunky dept :)
Once again sorry about the quality.

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