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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sore throat, ear ache....Misery

I had a sore throat about a week and a half ago and that was just misery. It faded away about last week, but then came full force on my left side and caused an earache. I figured well I'll try all the home remedies like I did before and it should go away. Plus my sweet sister-in-law provided me with some ear drops and some other medicine. According to Curtis she is our personal pharmacist :) Thanks Jess! So we get home Sunday night from nanny's house and put the kids to sleep. I'm sitting on the couch and decide I'll try to go to sleep. But the pain was just unbearable! I couldn't swallow very well and my ear was pounding :( I gave the remedies a go, but nothing. Finally by 1am I couldn't bear it any longer and my sweet Curtis offered to go to the 24hr Walgreens to get me some drugs. I really need to better about having the basic medicine needs in our house lol. Well I take the pain killers and try going to bed and then Lincoln wakes up. Great! So I comfort him put him back to bed and finally get some sleep. The next day everything seemed ok, but it still was not comfortable. I went over to my mom's in the afternoon and she was like "Ashley your poor face is swollen." My reaction "What huh?!" So I go to the bathroom to find that the left side of my jaw line is swollen and has a protrusion. My mom then asks "Have you had anything to eat?" My response "No it hurts too much! Curtis already made me drink a big thing of water so I won't get dehydrated and that killed!" Then I asked her "Can you make me some atole?" She said sure thing :) For those of you who may not know what atole is, it's a mexican drink. It's basically just water and corn maize boiled. It may sound gross, but I love it! Especially with some yummy chocolate.I then relax and have my delicious drink and instantly feel better. But as soon as I'm done, the pain returns with avengence. My mom says "You really need to go to the dr, you don't sound the same. Your speech sounds slurred." I was like "Thanks mom, puh." This morning I got an appt with the Dr and the first response from her was "Whoa! Your left tonsil is so swollen that it is shifting your uvula to the right." Then she told me that she was afraid I would get something called an "abscess." For the full definition go to the link below. But here's the quick version, she said that if it continued to swell so much that I could not talk or swallow I would need to go to the ER to get it drained. Gross I know. So she prescribed two medications and before I left the office I received a very uncomfortable shot on my upper hip/bum area. I was limping afterward because of the burning sensation going down my leg. And that was my fun-filled beginning of the week. I'm supposed to go back to the office in two days to see if any progress was made with the antibiotics. Oh and I forgot to mention, my dr said she wasn't going to be there on Thursday, so she brought in one of the other doctors, who was going to be there Thursday, to check it out. Her reaction was shocking she said "Oh my are you sure you're not feeling more discomfort than you appear to be having? With things like this you should be drooling all over yourself and not able to really talk." Yeah my usual reactions from doctors are like this. I appear healthy and well on the outside, but on the inside there's some crazy stuff happening.

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