Sharin' the Love

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rash gone bad...

So over the past couple of days Lincoln has had a rash on his cheeks. It looked like it was getting better with a home remedy of corn starch, but just yesterday it didn't look pretty at all! It just kept oozing liquid. I made an appointment with the pediatrician for this morning and the whole time Lincoln was such a trooper and happy as can be. He seriously is an AWESOME baby boy! His poor cheeks looked so painful. :(
The pediatrician looked at it and checked everything saying that everything looks great he's in the 95th for weight and 90th for height. Then she went on to say that he has a 2nd degree infection on top of his eczema. Owie! So she prescribed and antibiotic and also gave me some cream samples to try on his skin after the antibiotic does it's job. So hopefully he gets better soon. Here are some pictures. They don't do his poor cheeks justice.
Taken the night before :(

Taken at the pediatrician's office. Looking happy.

Curious of what's going on. :)


  1. Oh poor baby that looks painful. I hate it when you kids are sick or hurt. It just breaks a Mom's heart.

  2. awww I love that happy boy! The third picture is so cute.

  3. Poor guy! I hope handsome Lincoln heals very quickly!!! That is awesome that he is still so happy and such a trooper. :o)

  4. Oh, poor little guy. That doesn't look fun. Hope the antibiotics and such work fast.