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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pain tolerance

So here I am one who had all natural birth with no pain killers, thinking I could handle pain. HA! Little did I know I was wrong haha. On Sunday I was shaving my legs for church and Stella was watching. I wasn't even shaving in a hurry when PSSht my razor snags my skin. I didn't even realize that I cut myself until I look down and see whiteness and blood. EWWWW! Stella was like "Uh oh, uh oh, owie" She gave me a hug and patted my leg and said "Kay, kay" I told her I'll be ok, but as I put the shower head to rinse off the blood, I couldn't help letting out a small yelp of pain. Then I got out dried my legs and put a bandaid on. Done. Today I remove the bandaid to see how it looks and it looks super red. Curtis is like "That looks nasty, maybe you should put some hydrogen peroxide on it." I was like "Does that hurt?" He said "It usually doesn't, but it sometimes does." Here I'm thinking "What kind of answer is that?!" So we busted out the hydrogen peroxide and I was getting ready to put it on a cotton ball and Curtis, with a face of "Come on, it's common sense," said "That's not how you do it." I said "Well how do you do it then?" He got a paper towel and draped my leg over his lap with the paper towel underneath to catch the falling liquid. I was like "Wait, wait, let me grab something. I can't do this Curtis. No, no don't put it on yet." The whole time I was expecting an excruciating sting, but it didn't even hurt hahahahah. I was embarrassed. Curtis to make things more funny was like "And you thought you had high pain tolerance Hah!" We both just sat there laughing at my silliness.

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