Sharin' the Love

Friday, January 21, 2011

Potty Adventure

So some of you may or may not know that Stella has been potty training since November. At the beginning she was awesome, but the only place that she seemed to have accidents was nanny's house. Then she had a period of no accidents and now it seems she has a little more than she ever did haha. It's definately a roller coaster ride :) Anyway today I asked her "Ok do you need to go potty before we go bye bye?" And she replied "Nope." And I asked "Are you sure?" She replied "Sure." We were on our way. We got to the bank drive thru and made our deposit and then she goes "Mommy potty." I was like uh-oh did she go or does she need to go. So I told her to hold it and we'll find a place for her to go potty. I ended up pulling over by a field and sitting her down so she could go lol. I was embarrassed but I guess that's the consequence of not having an accident in the car. That was our wonderful adventure today. I think Stella liked it because she wanted to stop on the side of the road to go potty again haha. What have I started? :/


  1. LOL! When Hunter was younger we went camping and Hunter started to go in the backyard all the time. It was very hard to break him of it. I feel your pain!!

  2. Hahahha Oh Stella. She probably thought it was the coolest thing ever!