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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update of Dec....Nov will come

So our main house computer (the one where everything is saved pictures, files, etc.) has been acting really weird lately. It has been shutting down and restarting on it's own multiple times a day for no apparent reason. We probably should take it in, but unfortunately we are pretty low on the funds, since Curt has been unemployed since the end of July. Good news though he starts his new job at Lifelock on Monday Jan. 17 YAY!! (more of that to come later)
Back to the task at hand I had all the pictures from Dec and Jan on our camera still so I went ahead and downloaded them on my laptap. Thank goodness for laptops haha. Anyway the following post is all about our December. Hopefully our other computer gets fixed and I can update you all on our November.
On the 9th Lincoln had his first haircut here is a before and after. His poor cheeks didn't look good at all that day. He has his ups and downs with how they look on a day-to-day basis. He had just turned 6 months on the 8th. Curtis was the one who said that Lincoln really needed a haircut and I'm sure glad we did. Although at the time I was so sad that my little baby looked so grown up! :(

Here's Lincoln sitting up so well on his own in his Sunday best. Love my sweet handsome boy! I believe he started sitting up with no support in the beginning of Dec.

Stella enjoying her candy cane and her ride. Making a silly face.
On our anniversary (Dec. 14th 3 years already!) we took the kids to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and Stella loved walking around and seeing all the cool stuff. She especially loved climbing on the boats and quads! :)
On Christmas Stella got a cute new outfit and boots, as well as a sweet fairy backpack.
And both Stella and Lincoln got to see Santa for the 2nd time at Grandma Jean's annual Christmas lunch. :)
And finally on New Year's Eve we had Grandma's Jean's christmas gift of a fun bouncy obstacle course and delicious soups at Dennis and Michelle's. Unfortunately my camera died and I was only able to capture Stella's red nose (proof of how cold it was that day). And she was super happy that popcorn was readily available that she carried her bag everywhere. hehe She loves her popcorn!

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