Sharin' the Love

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Diet

Many of you may or may not know that about 2 weeks ago Lincoln had a visit with the allergist. I was hoping something would be found out to help me out with his poor sweet cheeks and constant rash break outs. The doctor was a little worried that the test results wouldn't really show up on the skin of his back, since it was already red and a little inflammed. But nonetheless the nurse came in and had ten small needles; 8 were common food allergies (corn, egg, fish, milk, oat, peanut, soybean and wheat), the other two were a negative and positive control to make sure the test worked properly. She wiped down Lincoln's back with alcohol and poor sweet boy cried because it stung his irritated skin. Then she poked his back with each of the tiny needles. She said that she would be back in 15 min and can tell by then if any spots had a reaction. I saw within 5-10 min that 4 of the ten spots had a protruding bump appear. When the nurse came back she said that the tenth one was supposed to have a reaction for positive control. In my head I was like "Wow, not only is he allergic to one thing, but he's allergice to 3!" I waited for her to measure and note everything and then she gave me a printed copy of the test results. A little while later the doctor came back in and went over the results with me. He said the top food allergen that people usually have is eggs and the second was milk/dairy. Lincoln has both! And to add on to that haha he was allergic to peanuts, so the doctor told me to cut out all nuts from my diet. It was so funny when the doctor saw my reaction because his quick response was "I know this is a lot to cut out, but it would really help in finding out if these are the only things that Lincoln is allergic to." I full-heartedly agree! You know I admire ALL mothers for the wonderful things that they do for their children. Heavenly Father has blessed us with such sweet, kind, loving and nurturing spirits that we would do anything for the sweet children he has blessed us with. These past couple of weeks had been an adjustment, but they have made me realize how blessed I am :)


  1. I am sorry you poor baby has those allergies. You are great Mother to do that for you sweet baby boy. Good luck with the new diet.

  2. That's so great you finally know about these allergies even if it is going to be a hard adjustment for the family to get used to going without those foods. I'm so glad and I hope it gets better soon!

  3. Oh Ashley! I can so empathize with what you are going through!!! I talked to you a little bit at the store that one time. When Travis was tested though he came back negative for everything so we still don't know what is wrong and I am still cutting things out (top 8 allergens plus more things)... We go to the GI doc in april. I hope your little guy grows out of his allergies! Good luck!!