Sharin' the Love

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not daddy, you curtis

Stella can be such a funny girl sometimes lol. We're sitting down eating dinner and Stella points to Curtis and says "Curtis get me some juice." hahhahaa Curtis says "Did you just call me Curtis? I'm daddy to you." She responds "Noooooo, you Curtis." Then he points to me and says who's that?" Stella says "Mommy." hahahah Curtis says "Noooo that's Ashley." And she flashes her quick response "Nooooo that's my mommy."

Oh man the things she says. I seriously love being a mom and children bring the most sweetest and tender moments.


  1. Man, that is awesome! How hilarious!!! Stella is so adorable! I can just see her saying that. That's awesome that you took the time to write out such a fun Stella-ism to remember. I admire that. :o)

  2. What a funny girl! Thanks for the laugh.