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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Camping, Mother's Day and many more updates

 Just an fyi this post will be quite lengthy. I won't be too sad if you don't read through it, but there will be fun information and pictures, so your loss not mine haha jk.

Ok so Stella and Lincoln were attending a Kindermusic class and they absolutely LOVED it! Every week Stella would ask to go to her class. I liked it because they were learning about different animals, sounds, instruments and just having a great ol' time! It was a gift from my awesome mother-in-law! Here a couple pictures (all taken at different times). They had their last day a week from yesterday :( We'll see if we can do it again the next semester.

We finally got to go camping the weekend of April 30th with my good friends Shalyse and Chase and their two sweet kids. It was so fun just to get away and enjoy nature. Stella had a blast playing with Kael, getting dirty, exploring and riding on the quad with mom. I'll admit I'm not a professional quad rider and I was freaked when I first started, but I was ok and Stella had fun. Hopefully I can get more comfortable one day. Lincoln wanted to be everywhere but he enjoyed being held and playing in his pack n play and in Claire's. They became buddies, but I think Lincoln liked her too much because he was mauling her and she just looked up with an expression of "Help me, please." Good times.
My sweet Lincoln loving the outdoors

Going on a walk to explore the area

The view

Stella's delighted face on being able to get dirty and not get in trouble haha
 On the actual day of Mother's day there really is nothing to report. We had a normal morning that became hectic and became even more hectic for me in primary. You may ask "Why is primary hectic?" Well first of all our ward is combined with the spanish ward which means a TON of kids! And secondly for the second half we (the primary presidency) were handing over the reins to the elders and priests of our ward, while we got to enjoy Relief Society. All in all though I LOVE my calling! Even though it always seems hectic, I love seeing the sweet faces and hearing their silly comments :) Oh yes the reason why Mother's day was so anti-climactic was because I received my AMAZING gift 2 1/2 weeks before! It was a new sewing machine!!!! Yay!!!! I was so happy and it seriously has made sewing so much smoother, faster and just a dream. I had my mom's old one, which was given to her by her cousin, which was given to her by an old lady who she cleaned for. So yeah it was pretty old! It only had one stitch and NO backstitch! Anyway I'm thankful to my awesome husband! He set the bar high for Mother's day, so we'll see if he keeps it up ;)

I finally finished a bag that I purchased the pattern for back in FEBRUARY! Oh my gosh what a heart ache it brought lol. Luckily Curtis is so patient that he would say stuff like "I'm sure you can figure out a different way to make it if the instructions don't make any sense." And lo and behold I did! Hurray!

Didn't like the size of the tie. I'll probably make another one so it's bigger

Another piece of information is that we bought a zoo membership last week and Stella's favorite part or at least the part that she constantly mentions are the monkeys. She kept saying "Monkey assedent." Translation the monkey had an accident. While we were in the Orangutan exhibit, which is so cool by the way literally because it has AC inside, the baby orangutan was climbing up the the glass and was just hanging there and felt the call of nature and just let it go right in front of us. It was pretty hilarious!

This peacock was awesome! It was just walking around and posing :)

Tried to take a quick picture because it was a cute area.


Lincoln staring at Stella running through the little splash park

On a final note, I make a tribute to the sweet and loving husband I have. I've been sick since Monday and have not had dinner made this whole week! Yikes! Yeah I've been a slacker, but you can't blame me fully because not only was I sick, but my sweet little ones were pretty sick too! So it was a TRIPLE whammy! But instead of complaining or asking "what are you cooking tonight?" He just went to the laptop and researched a recipe and cooked for us! What an awesome husband huh?! That was every night this week :) Yeah I'm blessed I know. I need to thank my Heavenly Father constantly for sending him my way and for blessing with two adorable kids, who like to test mom's abilities to the fullest.


  1. That bag is so cute it does look really complicated to make. We also have a zoo membership let me know the next time you go.

  2. Seriously you make the cutest kids ever. I love their happy faces! Props on the bag mrs seamstress!

  3. Big time brownie points for Curt! I want to make one of those bags too cute!

  4. Love the bag, so cute. Way to go Curt, he is a good man. Loved all the pictures. Your little ones are growing so fast!

  5. Wow! Your kiddos are getting so big! looks like you guys are having a lot of fun.