Sharin' the Love

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hotel Weekend

This past weekend we got to stay in a really nice hotel for FREE! Yeah pretty crazy. Curtis' job had an awards dinner on Saturday and offered their employees a night stay in the Arizona Grand Hotel or $100 gift card. Curtis wasn't able to get the gift card since they only had a limited amount, so instead we got the night stay. We arranged to have the kids watched for the night and got to spend a night just me and him!

Before that though we took Stella and Lincoln to the hotel's water park which was so much FUN! They had a kiddie pool with springs bursting up water, a lazy river, a wave pool and just a regular pool with a basketball hoop and volleyball net. It was fancy shmancy. Stella loved the springs. She took a plastic cup and copied what another boy was doing, but then ended up just collecting water in it and pouring it in the kiddie pool haha. Who knew one could have so much fun with a plastic cup.

We went down the lazy river a couple of times, which was nice. One section, towards the end, had small rapids and we got splashed. The whole time Lincoln had such a somber face and when he got splashed in my lap he had no expression at all hahah. He usually is a smiley boy, but the whole time he was expressionless or looked kind of mad. lol

We didn't get to enjoy the slides since we had the kids, but all in all it was still a blast. Stella had 3 days of swim lessons under her belt at that time and she was brave enough to go under water and everything; when before she would FREAK out and cry. I'm glad swimming lessons are helping her enjoy her water experience :)

After the water park fun we dropped off the kiddos with my mom and came back to the hotel to get ready for the awards dinner. There were so many cute and fancy dresses that the ladies were wearing. They had games before the actual dinner and a meet and greet with GRANT HILL Phoenix Suns player. Yes I got to meet him, shake his hand and get his autograph. AMAZING! Curtis won a nice fossil watch with an olive toss in the martini glass game and then came dinner. It tasted soo good. I wasn't a fan of the dessert, but the salad and the main course were awesome!

And that's what we got to do for our weekend. :) Too bad we didn't win any of the door prizes (i.e. Ipad 2, Wii, XBOX 360, Dbacks package of sitting in the dugout, etc.) Maybe next year hehe


  1. So fun for you guys. That's great you got to have fun with the kids and then have your alone time too!

  2. im so jealous!!! sounds like you guys had a blast! someday nate and i will get a night alone... someday! haha. Sooooo jealous about Grant Hill too!