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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So many of you may know this already, but I was unfortunately in a car accident last Wednesday night heading home from my parents house. I was following all the rules and laws, but because of someone else not doing so I'm paying the price of a wrist fracture.

The whole experience was surreal. It just seemed like a regular old day and BOOM my whole world was changed in a matter of minutes. My first instinct was to look back and check to see if my kids were ok. They seemed alright, but instantly began crying once they registered what happened. I got out of the car to realize that my left wrist was in pain and looked pretty deformed. I was unable to get my kids out and I was blessed to have a sweet couple that was driving behind me to help.  I'm so grateful that out of the six people involved in the accident (2 cars- mine and the other) I was the only one injured.

I got to the ER around 11:20ish and didnt get into a small room until 1am. I went into surgery Thursday afternoon and didn't get discharged until the next day. Right before I was discharged the Physician's Assistant came in to check on me and said that my wrist fracture was one of the worst they've ever seen. He said usually wrist fracture surgeries take a half hour but mine took an hour and a half. Crazy!!!

On the bright side Curtis never ceases to joke haha. His comment as soon as he arrived at the scene was "Ashley you have this tendency of wrecking our cars at the most opportune moments." And then smiles. So here's the background on that...A month after we were married I totaled my Ceclica and we had been discussing children saying that we were going to need to sel it. No need when it's totaled lol. And now with this car we had been shopping for a van for a month and test drove one on Monday last week, liked it and made an offer Tuesday they accepted set a loan closing for Friday and then my accident the next day. Pretty uncanny timing of it all.

I'd like to thank all the wonderful people who have helped me and my family through this. And to my sweet and loving Heavenly Father for protecting all of us from serious harm.

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  1. That is crazy! Stop shopping for cars!! I am glad you are ok except your wrist. I hate accidents.