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Monday, December 21, 2009

White Elephant Party

Uncle Don decided to have a family white elephant gift exchange. Curtis was way excited because he knew Uncle Don would be doing funny gag gifts all around. Curtis already had his gag gift which was a Hillary Clinton halloween mask. Originally the plan was to give that as a gag gift to his dad on his birthday, but decided that this would be a good unveiling of the gift haha. The other gag gift we had was a Santa Claus doing the splits. I think his purpose is to be put in front of the door crack so a draft doesn't come in. Everyone had some pretty funny gifts. When Esther's turn came around she opened one and had a beginner's belly dancing kit lol. Curtis wanted that so bad haha, but no one wanted his incredible hulk pancho. Unfortunately my gift got taken away the next turn and I had to choose a different one. Guess what I chose....yes Curtis made me choose the belly dancing kit. It was such a fun night.
The excitement over the gift.
Then Curtis's excitement after I stole it haha

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